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Diving for Returners and Newcomers

We take it slow

Diving beginners or divers who have not been under water for a long time will find the perfect conditions with us.

Unlike many other dive centers, we offer half-day trips. These trips start late in the morning (11:00 am) and include one dive. This way every diver who wants to "get closer" (again) first has the possibility to dive in without spending a whole day on the boat.

In a short distance to the diving center lies the harbour for our diving boats. It is located directly next to one of the hotel beaches and from here all our dive trips start. Our divers can easily use the shuttle service on our pick ups between the harbour and the diving center.

Several ships are in daily operation. This gives us the opportunity to take into account the diving experience of our guests when planning the boat for our full and half day trips. This is especially appreciated by our diving guests. Therefore we can, in contrast to many other diving centers, plan the occupancy of our boats individually according to the level of experience and preferences of our guests. Most of the time divers with a similar level of experience are together on one boat.

As an ideal re-entry for divers who have had a longer diving break or who have very little diving experience, we offer the "pool check". This is a "re-entry" into diving during a dive at our house reef. In shallow water you repeat some basic exercises with a professional and get used again to the handling of the diving equipment and its functions. This small dive is usually done before the half day trip.

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