The Red Sea is a fantastic wreck area. We offer special trips to the most famous wrecks of the Red Sea. The wrecks of Abu Nuhas or the Rosalie Moller leave any diver’s heart beat faster.

These tours depend on weather conditions and should be carried out only in calm weather. Arising storms or high waves may require a complete change of the planned wreck tours. The final decision, if the tour can be carried out, is made by the captain and the dive guide.

Informations regarding the additional costs for special trips are available on the information board and in the office. The departure time for our wreck tours may vary from the usual timetable.

For further information check our detailed pricelist or our more favorable pre-booking online shop option.

Detailed information on the many wrecks can be found on our free download page.

Wreck drawings / Link for mobile devises:

  • Wracktauchgang
  • Schiffsfriedhof
  • Schwarmfische
  • Salem Express
  • Wracktauchgang
  • Abu Nuhas
  • Carnatic
  • Thistlegorm
  • Sinai
  • Wracktauchgang

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