Pick-up service from other hotels

For our guests who do not stay in the Arabella, Arabia and Bel Air Hotel we offer a pick-up service free of charge. This service does not include hotels in Makadi Bay, Sahl Hasheesh and El Gouna, but covers all hotels in the Hurghada area. The daily pick-up time depends on the location of your hotel (distance to the diving center). Requests for your daily pick-up from your hotel can be made in the office.

The return transfer from the dive center to your hotel starts every day at 5:15 pm. The last return trip takes place at the closure of the diving center, so depending on the season between 6 and 7pm.

If you are attending a special trip (e.g. early departure such as wreck diving) we offer a customized round trip.

Before you start your holiday you can already arrange the first pick up from your hotel to our diving center by using our Red Sea Shop. Here you can arrange a free hotel up regardless of a booking.

The first pick-up takes place on the morning on your first day of diving (usually for a half day trip). If you have booked a diving course, please ask for a pick-up in the afternoon on the day of your arrival. Therefore we can discuss the schedule details of the course with you and hand out your diving equipment as well as your course materials.


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