House Reef

In close proximity to the dive center you will find our multicolored house reef. At depths between 5 and 35 meters you will find a wide variety of different reef creatures as well as a colorful range of various hard and soft corals.

For storage of the equipment, to set up and to get changed there is a covered and as well as an illuminated (for the night dive) area. Already from the water surface you can see the reef area which is marked by a buoy lines. The entrance to the house reef is easily reached from a stairway in the upstream lagoon area.

The Blue Water Dive Resort has the only house reef in the Red Sea where an underwater trail was applied. The underwater trail is characterized by numbers which are mounted next to each coral. With the help of an underwater map you can learn easily interesting characteristics about theses specific corals and the underwater world.

On the house reef we have also installed our artificial reef project. It provides the ideal observe of settlement and development of corals.

The diving at the house reef is unaccompanied. Sufficient diving experience is therefore a prerequisite.

  • Tauchausrüstung
  • Unterwasser
  • Barsch
  • Zylinderrose
  • Gorgonie
  • Kunstriff
  • Fächergorgonie
  • Unterwasserprojekt

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