Get back into diving

Get back into diving. Even if you have not been diving for a long time due to a break or you just made your diving license, you are in good hands with us.

Unlike many other dive centers, we offer so-called half-day trips. These trips start a little bit later and include only one dive from the boat. This is the ideal opportunity to get back to diving again. Our instructors assist you with words and deeds.

Since we have several boats, we have the opportunity to plan the availability of our boats individually according to the experience level and the preferences of our guests. So we are able to provide a well-coordinated underwater experience to guests with less and a lot of diving experience.

For divers who were not diving for a long time or for divers with less experience we offer a special service. Our so-called “pool check” starts from the shore in shallow water accompanied by one of our instructors. You familiarize yourself again with the use of diving equipment and repeat some basic diving skills. This kind of dive is usually performed before the half day trip.

For further information check our detailed pricelist or our more favorable pre-booking online shop option.

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